The Wildlife Festival Capsule Collection from Pretty Little Thing – Posters

As part of my Final Major Project at university, I produced a new creative marketing campaign for Pretty Little Thing. My campaign idea was supported by research undertaken in the Individual Project Report and draws on elements of experiential marketing at music festivals.

The core of my idea was a collaboration between Pretty Little Thing (PLT), the glitter brand Dust & Dance and Wildlife Festival. The campaign would include a capsule collection of festival clothing and accessories, demonstrated by the lookbook. This collection would be launched and initially sold exclusively at Wildlife Festival. Customers would be able to visit the PLT activation at the festival, where they can browse and buy the collection. Three famous bloggers (Em Davies, Mika Francis and Carms London) would be there to meet customers and act as ‘personal shoppers’ to help them choose their new festival outfits. Dust & Dance would also be present to provide customers with glitter hair and makeup. This is illustrated by the concept art. This activation would allow customers to create a positive emotional connection with the PLT brand, as they would have the opportunity to have a festival makeover, styled by their favourite bloggers. After the festival, the collection would then be made available online.

The campaign would be promoted across the brand’s digital touchpoints including social media, website and email marketing. These three posters are an example of how the collection and festival activation could be promoted.

In order to create my posters, I styled three models with Dust & Dance glitter makeup and photographed them. I then photoshopped these images with second-hand imagery of festivals to create a double exposure effect. I then placed these images into a poster design I had created, inspired by an image I found on Pinterest. I was particularly proud of this element of my creative campaign.

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