RHS Urban Show 2024

On 18 April 2024, the RHS’s show season kicked off with the brand-new RHS Urban Show in Manchester. This has been a hugely exciting project over the last 9 months, and it was fantastic to finally see our latest RHS Show brand in action. From designing the monstera botanical last summer to finalising timetables and event signage, it’s been a great experience to be part of the team developing a new show from concept to execution. I’m very proud of everything we achieved as a team!

The Secret Garden Gala – Brand Development

In early 2024, the RHS Fundraising team began planning their new, high-end charity gala to generate awareness of the RHS’s key causes and develop a new stream of charitable income. They’d chosen a “Secret Garden” theme but were hesitant to use our main brand as they felt it wasn’t exclusive enough for this new event. I designed a creative direction for the Secret Garden Gala assets that balanced the Fundraising team’s desire for something premium and individual with the RHS’s core brand guidelines and principles.

I found ways to use our current brand assets in new and interesting ways, such as layering botanicals and using an all-green colourway to give the feeling of an overgrown, secret garden. Print effects like foiling and embossing can elevate creative assets to feel premium and high-end, without compromising our brand elements. My presentation was extremely well-received by all stakeholders. Creative assets are now in development in preparation for the Gala in October.

Google Analytics certification

On February 9, I successfully completed the Google Analytics certification from Google Skillshop. This course covers the latest developments in Google Analytics 4, teaching everything from how to set up GA4 properties and start collecting data to using reports to analyse audiences and track conversions. I took this course to develop my skills in GA, having previously used Universal Analytics to monitor website data. I find it fascinating the level of insight that Google Analytics can produce, particularly when combined with the power of software like Google Ads and Search Ads 360.

Lazy Lizard – Brand Guidelines

In January 2024, I created new brand guidelines for my vintage skiwear brand, Lazy Lizard.

I started my brand in February 2020 after I finished my ski season. I love the bright, crazy patterns of 80s and 90s skiwear – the ski slopes are one of the only places you can go completely wild with your outfit and no one bats an eye! Although many vintage shops and brands are in the market, I noticed a gap for a brand specialising in skiwear.

Running my own brand is a fantastic hobby and creative outlet for me. I can practice my skills in marketing and branding, and test new ideas by making my own decisions. It’s also a way for me to make a profit from my second-hand shopping addiction!

RHS Shows creative assets

In preparation for the RHS Shows in 2024, I designed volunteer name badge templates for each of the four shows. These templates were made to fit each show’s brand guidelines, and can be personalised with volunteer’s names.

I also designed a poster for the RHS Show Exhibitor team to promote their Code of Conduct for exhibitors. I created this in the All Shows brand, so that it could be saved and reused at all the 2024 shows.

Hyde Hall Autumn Photoshoot 2023

In October, I visited RHS Garden Hyde Hall for the first time, attending the autumn lifestyle photoshoot on behalf of the Brand team. It was my first time working with a freelance photographer on an RHS photoshoot, so it was important to communicate our brand style and make sure we got the images we needed.

It’s a privilege to be able to visit all of the gardens in person; but it’s also crucial to understanding each garden’s personality, marketing opportunities and challenges. I was particularly excited to see the Dry Garden, the Australia and New Zealand Garden and the new cactus border – each of which benefit from Hyde Hall’s unique climate.

RHS Lindley Library creative assets

I designed several branded assets for the RHS Lindley Library team in London to help them transition to the new RHS brand. I created an open/closed sign for them and a poster explaining their opening hours. I also designed a sticker for the instant payment machine, to help fund more donations to the Lindley Library. These assets were designed using the main RHS brand.

Harlow Carr Summer Lifestyle Photoshoot 2023

In August 2023, I had the exciting opportunity to visit RHS Garden Harlow Carr for the first time for the summer lifestyle photoshoot. In preparation, I had organised two groups of professional models to attend for a half-day shoot each. Our aim was to capture the seasonal colour in the garden, and show the garden as an excellent day out for families, friends and couples. The photoshoot was a huge success, and we captured lots of amazing images to use in future summer campaigns for Harlow Carr!

Managing Teams – LinkedIn Learning

On 18 August 2023, I successfully completed LinkedIn Learning’s ‘Managing Teams’ course. The short, online classes cover the key principles of people management, providing practical techniques for driving performance by inspiring and motivating your team. 

The emphasis on trust, accountability and clear communication as a manager strongly resonated with me. These principles mirror the key elements of the most successful teams I have been part of, and I have highly valued working under managers with these qualities.

Studying this course has given me a well-rounded foundation for leading successful teams in a professional setting. I’m looking forward to opportunities to apply my skills and knowledge in future!

Leadership Foundations – LinkedIn Learning

On 2 August 2023, I successfully completed LinkedIn Learning’s ‘Leadership Foundations’ short course. This comprehensive programme covered essential skills including influencing teams, motivational leadership, effective communication, empathy and resilience, and agile response to change.

By studying the course, I have strengthened my leadership capabilities and unlocked new levels of confidence and professionalism as a manager. I feel more empowered to inspire teams and tackle future challenges with a strategic and empathetic approach.