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Google Analytics certification

On February 9, I successfully completed the Google Analytics certification from Google Skillshop. This course covers the latest developments in Google Analytics 4, teaching everything from how to set up GA4 properties and start collecting data to using reports to analyse audiences and track conversions. I took this course to develop my skills in GA, having previously used Universal Analytics to monitor website data. I find it fascinating the level of insight that Google Analytics can produce, particularly when combined with the power of software like Google Ads and Search Ads 360.

FRA Student Guidebook 2022

As part of our marketing efforts to encourage our applicants to enrol with us, we created a Student Guidebook for offer holders aged 18+. It contains useful and fun information including apps to help with their studies, local lunch spots and travel tips. To create the guide for 2022, I edited and updated a previous version written by one of our students when she was at the Academy.

Once the content was up-to-date, I redesigned the layout of the guidebook using Adobe InDesign. The Guidebook was then sent out to everyone who holds an offer to study for an undergraduate degree or Level 4 diploma at the FRA in September.

FRA Online Course Guide 2022-23

Following the launch of our new online courses in 2022, I adapted our current prospectus to create an Online Course guide. It includes all the pages from the main prospectus that would be relevant to a student studying remotely at the FRA, as well as information specific to our online course offering.

See the FRA Online Course Guide 2022-23

On Your FRAdar – FRA Internal Staff Newsletter

In October 2021, I supported the Business Development Team with the creation of the first FRA internal newsletter. I wrote the newsletter content using the information provided by the newsletter reps from each department at the Academy. Using Adobe InDesign, I designed a fun and engaging layout for the newsletter, to encourage staff to read it and help promote internal communications across the Academy.

FRA Prospectus 2022-23

Part of my role at the Fashion Retail Academy is the management of the Prospectus project every year. I source, edit and write the content to be included in the prospectus, working with teams across the Academy.

During the summer of 2021, I also created the graphic design for the 2022-23 Prospectus using Adobe InDesign. When the project was complete, I worked with our printing agency to make sure the final products were printed to our specifications and budget. We printed 3,000 copies in two print runs, in October 2021 and January 2022.

See the full copy of the FRA Prospectus 2022-23

FRA Tone of Voice Guidelines

When I started at the Fashion Retail Academy in June 2021, my first task was to create the Tone of Voice guidelines. I researched other brands I thought had a strong Tone of Voice and used their guides as inspiration to create my own. I wrote the guidelines for the FRA and then designed the document using Adobe InDesign.

After sharing the guide with the rest of my marketing team, I continue to be the guardian of our tone of voice, making sure all our marketing communications follow the specifications.

SEO Fundamentals – SEMRush Academy

On May 10, 2021, I successfully completed the SEO Fundamentals course offered by the highly acclaimed SEMRush Academy. Through this brilliant online short course, I developed a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the core principles of SEO strategy. It covered a wide array of topics, including technical SEO, link signals, on-page signals, and mobile SEO, whilst also delving into international and local SEO tactics.

While I already had a solid grasp of SEO basics, this course allowed me to elevate my knowledge to a new level of expertise. I found learning about Google’s spiders particularly beneficial, including their sensitivity to factors such as site speed, internal linking structure, and site maps. Additionally, understanding the structural breakdown of a SERP, from the conventional 10 blue links to featured links and knowledge panels, proved immensely valuable. Armed with this newfound knowledge, I am ready to implement cutting-edge SEO strategies and drive significant results for my projects.

@alpineluxurychalets reaches 10k Followers

Despite an almost non-existent ski season last winter due to COVID-19, I was overjoyed to reach a milestone of 10,000 followers on @alpineluxurychalets on 21 March 2021. I have been working towards this goal for over a year, and I am thrilled to have achieved it in the face of the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Article & Advert – The Life Magazines Feb 2020

Due to the success of my previous article and advert, we chose to do the same again in the Life Magazines Feb 2020 issue. I wrote an article encouraging readers to book their 2020/2021 ski holiday early, in order to get the best choice of accommodation, dates and travel for their next ski trip.

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Article & Advert – The Life Magazines Jan 2020

Following the success of our advertising in the earlier issues of Life Magazines, we decided to accompany our advert with editorial content in the Jan 2020 travel issue. I wrote an article introducing Alpine Luxury Chalets, including who we are, what we do and why readers should book their next luxury ski holiday with us!

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