SEO Fundamentals – SEMRush Academy

On May 10, 2021, I successfully completed the SEO Fundamentals course offered by the highly acclaimed SEMRush Academy. Through this brilliant online short course, I developed a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the core principles of SEO strategy. It covered a wide array of topics, including technical SEO, link signals, on-page signals, and mobile SEO, whilst also delving into international and local SEO tactics.

While I already had a solid grasp of SEO basics, this course allowed me to elevate my knowledge to a new level of expertise. I found learning about Google’s spiders particularly beneficial, including their sensitivity to factors such as site speed, internal linking structure, and site maps. Additionally, understanding the structural breakdown of a SERP, from the conventional 10 blue links to featured links and knowledge panels, proved immensely valuable. Armed with this newfound knowledge, I am ready to implement cutting-edge SEO strategies and drive significant results for my projects.

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