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Ski Holiday Infographics

At Alpine Answers, I have created several infographics covering a variety of ski holiday topics. These infographics are shared in our e-newsletter, on social media channels as well as on our website. I design these from scratch using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

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Best Resorts for Off-Piste Skiing – Blog Post

I am currently the primary content creator for the Alpine Answers ski blog, regularly writing blog posts on a variety of topics to do with ski and snowboard holidays. Here is an example of one of my blog posts, detailing the best resorts for skiing off-piste in Europe. The post currently positions 7th on Google for the search term ‘best resorts for off-piste skiing’ (13/02/20). You can read the blog post here.

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Best Resorts for Snowboarders – Landing Page

As part of my role at Alpine Answers, I create content for both the Alpine Answers and Alpine Luxury chalets websites, including blog posts and landing pages. Here is an example of a page I created, detailing the best resorts for snowboarders, which ranked at position 6 for the search term ‘best resorts for snowboarders’ on Google on 12/02/20. You can find the page here.

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Ski Infographics

I have created a number of ski-holiday-related infographics using Adobe InDesign as part of my marketing work with Alpine Answers.

These infographics are shared on Alpine Answers social media channels, such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, and also sent out in the email newsletters to nearly 8,000 subscribers.

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Resort Guides – Video Editing

I created two ski resort guides for the Alpine Answers YouTube channel, covering two of our most popular resorts: Val d’Isere and Meribel. The videos contain footage from the respective tourist offices, alongside still images of the properties we sell. I created the videos using Adobe Premiere Pro and AfterEffects. As of May 2020, the Val d’Isere Resort Guide currently has 2.4k views and is the most viewed video on the Alpine Answers channel. The Meribel video has 1.5k views.

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Chalets in Meribel – Video Editing

I created this video for the Alpine Answers Chalets In Meribel landing page. It is an introduction video showing the kinds of properties we offer in Meribel, from good value chalets to the most luxurious. I used Adobe Premiere Pro and AfterEffects to edit the footage and graphics.

The video was designed to improve SEO and the Google ranking of the Chalets in Meribel page. I am in the process of creating more videos for our other key resorts including Val d’Isere, Morzine and St Anton.

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