Digital Fashion Marketing Assignment

Our final assignment of second year involved an intensive week of lectures and seminars on Digital Fashion Marketing. At the end of this, we were asked to write a 2,000 word report outlining the current digital strategy of a brand of our choice, and presenting our ideas for a new digital marketing strategy.

I chose to focus my report on ASOS; I felt they already had a strong and varied digital strategy, but I had noticed an area for improvement involving their search functions. My idea involved a new feature on the current ASOS app called ASOS Advanced Search. The feature would take inspiration from Tinder and Missguided’s ‘Swipe to Hype’ app, but would incorporate advanced Artifical Intelligence software to benefit the consumer and improve the efficiency of searching on the app.

To begin the process, the customer enters basic data about the product they wish to purchase, such as product category, size and price range. ASOS Advanced Search then presents them with products; swiping left will reveal a new product, and swiping right will add the product to the wishlist. The app will learn from data generated through the users account, including past purchases, style choices, favourite brands etc., as well as the data in the wish list. For example, if a user is viewing jackets and regularly purchases cropped products, and there are several cropped jackets in the wishlist, Advanced Search will show more cropped jackets. The customer can view the wishlist at any time, and remove products they change their mind about, which will help to further refine the product offerings.

My report recieved a First, and some sample pages can be seen below.

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