Month: November 2016

Communications Plan Synopsis

As part of my Fashion Communication module, I have to write a 3,000-word illustrated project report on a communications strategy for a brand in the URBN group. This campaign would be influenced by our previous trend forecasting work. I chose to create a campaign Urban Outfitters.

Before beginning my main report, I created a mood board, including a 300-word synopsis of my idea, to be informally marked by my tutor to check my ideas and progress. My synopsis can be seen below.


Trend Forecasting

Trend forecasting was one of my first assignments for my second year at university. We were placed into groups to research and develop a trend for AW17 and beyond, to be presented to the rest of our course after 6 weeks. My group developed a trend called ‘Global Forming’: consumers wanting to behave more responsibly towards the planet and towards one another. One of my tasks was to design the slides for the final presentation; some examples can be seen below.

Unless otherwise stated, all images are my own.


(London Sky Garden image sourced from Wikipedia)



(There is No Planet B image sourced from Tumblr)



(Alpaca images sourced from Pinterest)